Salipen – the only natural dry mouth cure!

Stop dry mouth naturally

SaliPen is an innovative dry mouth treatment that stimulates your salivary glands to increase saliva production

Dry mouth and xerostomia treatment with SaliPen

Why SaliPen is the best dry mouth cure available

SaliPen for Dry Mouth treatment

Produces natural saliva instantly

Salipen encourages your body to produce more saliva naturally by using mild electrostimulation not felt by the patient.

How to stop dry mouth naturally with SaliPen

No side effects or chemicals

Compared with other dry mouth treatments – medications, gums, sprays, lozenges, etc.  – SaliPen uses no chemicals and causes no side effects.

SaliPen device for stopping dry mouth

Proven in clinical trials. FDA & TGA approved

We tested SaliPen in 14 centers around the world. The results demonstrated that SaliPen brings a safe, effective and fast relief for Dry Mouth, with positive effects building overtime.

Use SaliPen to naturally get rid of dry mouth and xerostomia symptoms

Costs less than a Dollar a day

SaliPen is cost-effective! Use SaliPen for countless applications. With SaliPen you can treat your Dry Mouth multiple times.


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