Dry Mouth may adversely affect your quality of life

Dry mouth affects perception of sweetness and cherry flavour. Source: “Cherries”by sk8geek

Low saliva production and your diet

Saliva is crucial to processing of food in the mouth, including the sensory and textural experience. The production and properties of saliva change with age, and this can result in dry mouth and taste abnormalities. Such changes may result in reduced nutrient intake and malnutrition besides adversely affecting the quality of life.

Dry mouth and flavor perception

This article covers different aspects of salivary changes related to aging, such as decreased saliva production and transformed saliva composition, affecting the flavour perception. As an example, a study showed that people with low production of saliva have a worse perception of the sweetness and cherry flavour in chewing gums.

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Ageing related changes in quantity and quality of saliva. Xu et al-Journal of Texture Studies