How to cure dry mouth

SaliPen® is the only natural xerostomia cure.

Can dry mouth be cured?

Is there a cure for dry mouth?

Many people suffer from dry mouth for different reasons. For some, dry mouth is a temporary condition, others suffer from chronic dry mouth. Indeed, the feeling of dryness in the mouth can be very uncomfortable and cause several other problems related to oral health. In this blog post you will learn about a new and innovative cure to dry mouth.

There is a cure for dry mouth!

Yes, now there is a solution to the dry mouth problem! If you suffer from dry mouth whether because of disease, surgery, radiation or for any other reason, Saliwell® Ltd. has good news for you. We have developed and perfected a technique to help with your dry mouth. Our solution is not only about reducing the symptoms, like so many other existing dry mouth relief products do. Our solution treats the source of the problem – that is, your salivary glands, responsible for your saliva production. Saliwell’s® dry mouth relief product has no side effects, it naturally increases saliva production in your mouth and is cost effective. This is the SaliPen® device, made by Saliwell® Ltd, and available worldwide now after a recent FDA approval (USA users require a prescription). SaliPen® already helps thousands of people who suffer from dry mouth.

How does SaliPen® relieve dry mouth?

The SaliPen® device works on a very simple principle. The device stimulates your salivary glands to naturally produce more saliva. The salivary glands, like other organs in your body, react to electrical currents. It is not the same strong current that runs your home appliances of course, but a very very low current. You do not feel (or may feel only very mildly) the electrical current. This technique is called electrostimulation and it has been known for many decades as a way to stimulate organs into action. However, it is the first time ever the technique of electrostimulation is applied in the mouth to dry mouth relief. And it works wonders. You can watch and read SaliPen® reviews on our testimonials page, sent to Saliwell® by people who suffer from dry mouth and SaliPen® helps them every day.

Stop dry mouth anywhere, anytime

The SaliPen® device is designed so that you can use it at home or anywhere and anytime you feel your mouth is dry. Within minutes you will feel your mouth is wet again. Your salivary glands will start working again, producing saliva and bringing the wet feeling in your mouth, that feeling you have been longing for. The SaliPen® device is small, portable and does not require a wall plug because it works on small batteries you can get at any regular store. it is enough to use the device for a few minutes, a few times a day and your salivary glands will react to it right away.

Many people feel their mouth is dry at night

This feeling of dryness in the mouth is uncomfortable enough to interrupt their night sleep. If you suffer from dry mouth at night so that you can’t sleep well, use SaliPen® for a few minutes, get your saliva flowing again and go back to sleep.

Cost effective xerostomia solution

There are many products today that people use to get rid of dry mouth or xerostomia. These dry mouth relief products are divided to several main categories

  • toothpaste
  • lozenges, chewing gum
  • mouthwash
  • spray, gel
  • medications

These products are not cheap. Furthermore, you constantly need to purchase new supplies of these products as they are consumed rather rapidly. Not only that – these products do not stimulate your salivary glands the way SaliPen® does. They only create a temporary feeling of wetness in your mouth, each by a different method. Some of these products may have side effects as well.

Let’s run some simple math and see how much dry mouth cure products cost you over time.

  • The cost of dry mouth relief mouthwash for example is about 1$ US for every 3 rinses
  • You may be rinsing 10 times a day or so in order to get relief for most of the time you are awake
  • So, a daily use of dry mouth relief mouthwash is about 3$ US a day
  • 3$ a day times 30 days = 90$ US. That is the estimated cost of using dry mouth relief mouthwash per month
  • Within just under 90 days (about 3 months) you will spend about 250$ US on the mouthwash product

Conclusion: Dry mouth help mouthwash costs you 250$ every 3 months in order to get relief for most of the time you are awake.

The cost of a SaliPen® device is 249$ US so by about 3 months of mouthwash use, you spend the amount needed to purchase the SaliPen® device. However, with mouthwash you will need to spend 250$ every 90 days. In contrast, SaliPen® is a one-time purchase. It will continue to relieve your dry mouth for years! But cost is not the only benefit of the SaliPen® device. There is an even more important factor to the effectiveness of SaliPen® in stopping dry mouth.

SaliPen® stimulates your salivary glands to produce saliva naturally

Long term effects of using SaliPen® to stop oral dryness

The extra benefit of using electrostimulation to get more saliva in your mouth, is the long term effect. SaliPen’s® effectiveness and safety is proven by scientific studies and trials but one of the most interesting facts is how your salivary glands may be ‘trained’ by long term use. When you regularly use SaliPen® to stimulate your salivary glands, they become more active even at times when they are not being stimulated by the SaliPen® device. That means that constant and persistent use of SaliPen® ends up in higher secretion of saliva in general, even when the device is not used to electro-stimulate the salivary glands.

This natural behavior of human organs to ‘learn’ is known to scientists. For people who suffer from dry mouth because their salivary glands do not function or have low function, this is very encouraging. It means that some functionality can be restored by regular, long term electrostimulation. There are some indications that SaliPen® can ‘repair’ damaged salivary glands. Thus, long term electrostimulation of salivary glands may have more benefits than just on-the-spot, or shall we say on-the-spit, relief for dry mouth.

Please feel free to contact Saliwell® with any questions you may have regarding the SaliPen® device and how it can help you with the problem of dry mouth.

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This post was reviewed and approved by Dr. Andy Wolff on May 20th, 2020