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SaliPen® is an electrical salivary stimulator system, indicated for use in patients with xerostomia (dry mouth).

SaliPen® is placed in the mouth and can be used for up to five (5) minutes every time and up to five (5) times a day.

You should not buy the SaliPen® device if any of the following condition is applicable for you.

  • Persons under 18 years of age.
  • Epileptic disorder.
  • Persons that are allergic to the surface materials of the device:
    • Electrodes: gold plated.
    • Body: made of methyl-vinyl silicone rubber.

The following medical conditions need special precautions and require medical/specialist advice before using the device.

  • Use of a pacemaker.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Psychiatric or psychological disorders.
  • Involuntary muscle movement disorder (for example Parkinson’s disease).
  • Neurologic disorder in the head and neck area (for example trigeminal neuralgia).

Adverse reactions are rare and include discomfort and mild pulsating sensation in the areas of the mouth that are in contact with the electrodes.

Please see our documentation for further information about SaliPen®: Clinicians manual | User manual | Brochure

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