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Frequently asked questions about SaliPen treatment for dry mouth

How does SaliPen work?

SaliPen sends electrical pulses of specific patterns that stimulate the nerves associated with the salivary glands secretion.

The stimulated nerves excite both the salivary glands directly to secrete more natural saliva and also stimulate the salivation center of the brain to further command the salivary glands to secrete more saliva.

How long does the battery last?

About 24 months. However, based on the frequency and intensity of use, the power source may run out of power earlier.

Can we feel the electrical pulses?

In general no. The pulses intensity is below the human sensitivity level. However, sometimes a weak pulse can be felt.

How often should I use SaliPen?

Adopt a routine of using SaliPen. Some users report reaching the desired effect using it for one minute 5 times a day; others need more time, about five minutes.

Is electrostimulation effective?

Our method has been tested by leading clinical centers in the world, showing very high success rates (scientifically analyzed) and outstanding user satisfaction.

Stop dry mouth with SaliPen by stimulating your salivary glands

The most natural way to stop Dry Mouth is with SaliPen.

The device naturally stimulates, by electrostimulation, the salivary glands to produce more saliva. It is not felt, easy to use anywhere, anytime, and has no side effects

Dry mouth treatment - SaliPen device

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